Most Intricate Watches

Watch brands love showing off, which is a reality and a truth universally recognized. Although a watch that only tells time is good and all well, what adds value and prestige to the watch are the hard to- fabricate complications. Exorbitant displays, detailed continuous calendars, minute repeaters that chime minutes and hours, and tourbillon escapements are remarkable in their right. However, clutching many of these features into one piece of watch is when you begin to a lot of zeros on the price of the watch.

Incongruously, the more the most intricate watches can do; they become more useful and less readable. However, it’s not a problem to find these watches sitting in a billionaire’s collectors safe. The following is a list of the five most intricate watches, and some of the fascinating pieces in the thrilling dizzying world of ultra-complication.

IWC Siderale Scafusia

It is the most complicated IWC’s watch and more fascinating for what is on its rear side than its dial. It was released last year, and it has a unique map of the outer space, fashioned on an adjusted basis to reflect the night sky in accordance to how the buyer synchronizes the watch. Also, it has the capability to rotate through the yellow horizon circle, revealing the same thing you see when you look up. Further, it is has a built-in complex perpetual calendar, aside real time display, a huge tour billion escapement rotating the dial, and sunset/ sunrise indicators.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Wristwatch

In 2006, Jaeger –LeCoulture released a timepiece that consists of three facades. The company divulged a description of its eminent flaps that slide and flip. Also, the wristwatch comprises of an extra hidden face prowling in the case underneath the wristwatch. It comprises of a zodiacal calendar, a horde of astronomical complications, and a new face which is moon shaped.

Fortis F-43

This new watch from Fortis, a company that specializes in aviator watches. The company declared that it has been announced that Fortis F- 43 watch is the first mechanical GMT alarm chronometer in the world. It contains two separate power reserves; one shows the alarm, and the other displays the power of the movement.

Christophe Claret 21 Blackjack

The above watch brand described as a casino in a fob watch. The expert watchmaker, Christopher Claret crafted this spectacular watch last year. The watch allows you to play dice games, roulette, and blackjack through pushing a few buttons. Further, a roulette wheel spins away on the reverse side, on the edge of the case there are a couple of tiny dices, and a card- marketed disks that rotate underneath windows in the dial for the blackjack game.

Greubel Forsey Invention GMT

Why have a flat old clock face exhibiting separate time zones, when you can have a whole orb rotating around in the face of your watch? Stephen Forsey and Robert Greubel’s watches are amazingly creative and inventive. They have built-in technological wizardry, only manufactured in small numbers for customers ready a lot of money for the watch. Additionally, the watch comprises of ultra-high spec tourbillon mechanisms, with the orb rotating once in every 24 hours, in accord with the earth’s actual rotation.



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Rarest Watches


With thousands of watch brands making excellent timepieces only a hand-full have reach the level of these rare watch brands. The significance of watch to men is equivalent to bag for women. The proper wearing of watches can indicate men’s taste, grace and temperament. Valentine’s Day is coming. If you are bothering what presents to send to your parents, you’d better take a watch into consideration. But it is worth noticing that the brand and style should match with him. I’d like to introduce four classic watch brands in 2010 and hope my illusions will give you some guidance.

No. 1 Casio

Casio watch is one of Japan’s three predominant watch brands which is famous for its real multi-functional G-Shock watch worldwide for many years. The brand image posed by Casio watch which is a representative of liveliness, young, fashion and multi-function has already deeply memorized by users. Casio has been regarded as a leading technology company in the same business as its responsibility and each year it brings out new technical breakthroughs. By combining high quality, precision and advanced technology in new LCD technology and properly application into wrist watch production, Casio keeps on improving the development level of wrist watch timing.

No. 2 Longines

Since its establishment in 1832 in Switzerland, Longines has been a pioneer by making breakthroughs in watchmaking industry as well as expressed its elegant demeanor all the time. Longines wrists watch series combine accuracy and grace together as it goes in its advertisement logo “Elegant attitude? My real individuality”. There’s no wonder that its advertisement has attracted the participation of two legend superstars: Audrey Hepburn and Heng Fred Bogia. You can also appreciate their elegant grace in Longines watch image ambassador pages.

No. 3 Omega

In addition, it became the 21st Olympics’ designated watch and won numerous awards in accurate timer and the optimal design. Omega is an inevitable choice for global celebrities including international supermodel Cindy and the World Formula One champion driver Michael Schumacher.

No. 4 Tissot

Tissot was established in 1853 in the cradle of the Swiss watch by Charles Felicien Tissot and his son Charles Emile Tissot. With more than 150 years’ history in exquisite watchmaking, Tissot has been keeping on making continuous devotion to the manufacture of precise and perfect watches since its foundation. All wrist watches manufactured in Switzerland were widely known for their creative originality, superior quality and wonderful technology all over the world.

People have been delighted with its release of epoch-making wrist watches for many centuries. For example, it designed an exclusive watch for Russian imperial officer named Tsar Watch in 1904. It released the first unique automatic wrist Watch showing world time named Navigator in 1953, the world’s first plastic watch IDEA 2001 in 1971, the world’s first watch made of stone called Rock Watch in 1985, the first watch made of wood named Wood Watch in 1988, the world’s first touch sensitive watch T-Touch in 2002 and the world’s first touch inductive watch which could concurrently show the world time of 150 countries named Navigator 3000 in 2005. The constant innovation can be seen from these unique watches it had produced and we can simply know the reason why Tissot watches popularize throughout the world.


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Rarest Antique Watches

In the current conditions, everyone wants to get a perfect and stylish look. For achieving that look, you usually take care of every little thing that reflects your personality and fashion style. If you are of them who are conscious about their accessories and want to get a sophisticated, impressive, and classy look then you might be thinking of buying a unique and rare antique watch that will express your true personality and will give you special recognition.

Rarest antique watches are well appreciated. It can truly make a difference and can make you feel great and different. Antique watches are the perfect combinations of the craftsmanship and engineering and that come to the notice of the people instantaneously.

If you are looking for a stylish and fashionable watch, then you are in the right place. This article will help you with the list of the five antique watches. You can go through them to buy the best one for you. Are you ready to buy one? If yes, then go through the following list.

Patek Philippe Ref.1518 in Steel

This watch is highly appreciated by the people of all over the world. This watch was initially made for the Italian market. Patek Philippe Ref.1518 was made in steel. This was the first perpetual chronograph wristwatch that was ever introduced into the market. This is one of the rarest watches as only a limited numbers are available for the buying. The price of this wrist watch is $1,000,000. If you want to buy this watch, then take the decision right away. Otherwise, you will not be able to get one as only three to four pieces are available.

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref.6263

Rolex Paul Newman Daytona Ref.6263 wristwatch is unofficially named by the late actor, who wore this watch on the cover page of an Italian magazine. You will get rarer versions of this watch but, Panda dial is one of the popular models of this wrist watch as it is appreciated by many popular people. The price of this wrist watch is $80, 000. Buy this one to get an impressive and stylish look.

1950s Breguet Type XX

1950s Breguet Type XX was initially designed for the French military, but later it was introduced in the consumer market with the same design and at the same time. This wrist watch is highly appreciated because of its stylish and innovative look, and for its masculine and simple chronograph. Anyone can wear this watch to get a different and classy look. The price of this wrist watch starts with $12,000.

1960s Jaeger Lecoultre Polari

1,500 examples of 1960s Jaeger Lecoultre Polari watch were made, and a few of them have introduced into the market and some of them have survived. It is an underwater alarm watch. It comes with sixteen holes and allows the alarm to sound loud. The price of this watch is $15,000.

Omega Speedmaster Ref.2298

This is a historical watch. In 1969, it reached to the moon for the first time and it went to space with the astronaut Walter Schirra during his Sigma seven flight. The price of the Omega Speedmaster Ref.2298 is $10,000.

All these watches come with a trendy, classic, and fashionable look. Buy any of them to present yourself in an elegant and distinctive manner.




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Stylish Watches

Women all over the world are known for their love towards jewelry and accessories. One of the most indispensable accessory that often doubles as jewelry is a woman’s watch. Watches for women come in several types of models in different price range and makes it easy for women to choose the best one that suits her style statement and budget.

When shopping for women’s stylish watches online, the choices are seemingly endless. More and more newer brands are introduced very frequently and make it difficult to make a buying decision. Still, some of the companies have already stood the test of time and continued to maintain the excellent reputation to remain on the top of the market of watches for women.

With the availability of so many top-quality brand names in watches, choosing the best quality watch online is no longer simple. There are many diverse features to consider and all of them factor into your decision on a quality timepiece. Learn to identify and choose the best features in online watches for women that will make your watch as a quality investment.

The companies mentioned below, produce a diverse range of timepieces that includes the most expensive ones made up of diamonds and the simpler stylish watches.


This is a true depiction of the efforts that this company has put in the creation of stylish watches. This brand produces luxury timepieces that are classical yet elegant. Most advanced technological implications help this company to create such wonderful product.


These beautiful stylish watches are an art of beautifully crafted jewelry pieces, which are available in a number of designs and styles. These watches are available in basic models as well as the ones that are made up of crystals. This brand is well known for the innovative designs that they introduce in the market.


These stylish watches are available in a variety of designs and the durability of these watches is the main factor behind the constant admiration that they witnessed in this long tenure of business.

The use of accessories make women appear dressier, more casual and look completely different. Women’s stylish watches are available in so many styles in different materials that made it popular for use as an accessory rather than a just a way to keep track of the time. They come in bracelet styles that are meant to be worn around the wrist. The faces of these bracelets may be shaped into hearts, round, square, rectangle, ovals with options of interchangeable exterior plates so that the woman can change the shape or color according to her mood. The bands used on such items can be made to stretch, or they can be of intricate designs to look like a fashionable piece of jewelry, or could be just plain leather straps used to buckle a watch.

The different styles of watches for women give one an option to choose one that help to decorate her wardrobe and yet are excellent for keeping time. So, wear a trendy watch and express your sense of fashion and personality.



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10 Reasons to Wear a Watch

In today’s world, keeping track of time is very important. Clocks have become omnipresent on smartphones and various other devices. You might wonder whether it makes sense to wear a watch. There are numerous reasons to keep wearing a watch in this professional world. Here are 10 reasons why you should wear a watch.

  1. For Aesthetic appeal

The range of jewelry a man can wear is quite limited compared to women. The watch is among those few which can add to the style of an individual. A beautiful watch can be used to demonstrate your taste and elegance. There are plenty of watches available, for every taste and occasion. Within the same style, there are endless colors, sizes and different materials that customize each of the watches. Men who wear a nice watch are admired by most women, who appreciate that men know how to combine clothes and accessories and dress well.

  1. For the specialized world

In some professions, it is necessary to show your success in a visible manner. If you are a skilled consultant, a watch on your wrist can demonstrate to your customers that you are a seasoned professional. The success and its brands always deliver confidence, although it should not be going overboard.

You’d think a customer would be put off by the fact that the fees that you pay goes into such expensive accessories, and so he would rather see someone more efficient. But in fact, the opposite is often true. The concealed message of a beautiful watch is very often the following: “You can trust my professional opinions because you pay a lot for them”.

  1. As a taste for technology

You can make yourself look modern; as today, there are very advanced versions of wrist watches that will show others your taste for technology and modernity. For example, a smart watch allows you to not only keep track of time but answer a phone call, play or read messages.

  1. Punctuality

Although it is clear that wearing a watch will not force you to be more punctual, but wearing one will allow you to have more control over time. The fact of being punctual is a personality trait of each individual, and a watch on your wrist will help you remember that being on time is important, especially while attending key meetings or appointments on a personal level.

  1. To remember the past.

The watches are objects that are often transmitted with a legacy. They are always an imprint of the personality of the wearer (a model can be bought depending on tastes). When the watches are passed from father to son, they pass this personality and memories from one generation to another and it acts as a timeless piece of remembrance for an individual.

  1. To remember someone

Giving a watch is a great opportunity to associate with a person. For example, during an engagement, the custom is certainly the woman receives a ring, but that man is given a watch. A suitable entry can be added to the back of the watch to mark the occasion.

  1. To invest

A good timepiece will not depreciate much, but may instead appreciate in value. For example, it is possible to find at an auction a used model like Patek Philipe or some other vintage ones.

  1. Adding to your attitude

You can also wear your watch as a statement that says “I do not consult my laptop to determine the time. Rather, I believe that time is important enough to justify a single measuring device. “

  1. To shorten a boring conversation

Everyone has ever been in a boring conversation that one would like to shorten. But difficult to do so without upsetting the other person in the face. However, frequently looking at your watch can be a signal for the other, so that they understand – it’s time to go! This gesture actually works quite often.

  1. To show your profession

The watch is an opportunity to show your profession or membership. In professions where it is required to be well dressed, usually in suit and tie, the watch is a complement that gives the final touch to the look, marking the status of the wearer. One can imagine an astronomer wears a watch that displays astronomical data such as moon phases, or an athlete has a chronograph model. A doctor can also choose a watch with a second hand to take the pulse of a patient. Do zookeepers, tree removal professionals, or construction workers wear a watch? I’m sure many do! If so, I’m sure it’s a rugged watch that can withstand the demands of the profession! There are even watches that can be worn by deep sea divers!

Still you refuse to wear a watch? I guarantee… a watch will surely enhance your image and attitude. You will be perceived as a man with style and power; well… that will help you to be more punctual; your girlfriend or wife will thank you and your customers will see it as a great sign of credibility, trust, and commitment on your part.


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