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With thousands of watch brands making excellent timepieces only a hand-full have reach the level of these rare watch brands. The significance of watch to men is equivalent to bag for women. The proper wearing of watches can indicate men’s taste, grace and temperament. Valentine’s Day is coming. If you are bothering what presents to send to your parents, you’d better take a watch into consideration. But it is worth noticing that the brand and style should match with him. I’d like to introduce four classic watch brands in 2010 and hope my illusions will give you some guidance.

No. 1 Casio

Casio watch is one of Japan’s three predominant watch brands which is famous for its real multi-functional G-Shock watch worldwide for many years. The brand image posed by Casio watch which is a representative of liveliness, young, fashion and multi-function has already deeply memorized by users. Casio has been regarded as a leading technology company in the same business as its responsibility and each year it brings out new technical breakthroughs. By combining high quality, precision and advanced technology in new LCD technology and properly application into wrist watch production, Casio keeps on improving the development level of wrist watch timing.

No. 2 Longines

Since its establishment in 1832 in Switzerland, Longines has been a pioneer by making breakthroughs in watchmaking industry as well as expressed its elegant demeanor all the time. Longines wrists watch series combine accuracy and grace together as it goes in its advertisement logo “Elegant attitude? My real individuality”. There’s no wonder that its advertisement has attracted the participation of two legend superstars: Audrey Hepburn and Heng Fred Bogia. You can also appreciate their elegant grace in Longines watch image ambassador pages.

No. 3 Omega

In addition, it became the 21st Olympics’ designated watch and won numerous awards in accurate timer and the optimal design. Omega is an inevitable choice for global celebrities including international supermodel Cindy and the World Formula One champion driver Michael Schumacher.

No. 4 Tissot

Tissot was established in 1853 in the cradle of the Swiss watch by Charles Felicien Tissot and his son Charles Emile Tissot. With more than 150 years’ history in exquisite watchmaking, Tissot has been keeping on making continuous devotion to the manufacture of precise and perfect watches since its foundation. All wrist watches manufactured in Switzerland were widely known for their creative originality, superior quality and wonderful technology all over the world.

People have been delighted with its release of epoch-making wrist watches for many centuries. For example, it designed an exclusive watch for Russian imperial officer named Tsar Watch in 1904. It released the first unique automatic wrist Watch showing world time named Navigator in 1953, the world’s first plastic watch IDEA 2001 in 1971, the world’s first watch made of stone called Rock Watch in 1985, the first watch made of wood named Wood Watch in 1988, the world’s first touch sensitive watch T-Touch in 2002 and the world’s first touch inductive watch which could concurrently show the world time of 150 countries named Navigator 3000 in 2005. The constant innovation can be seen from these unique watches it had produced and we can simply know the reason why Tissot watches popularize throughout the world.


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